Air Jordan 10 Shoes

In 1994, the Air Jordan 10 Shoes series was released. Having expecting never to see the man in the game again, this year's shoes were released with a retrospective of MJ's career. The sole of this new AJ listed some of Michael's greatest achievements from each year of his professional games. Michael Jordan's new found in baseball career was interrupted when a player’s strike broke out. Rumors broke out that he would return to the basketball court and On March 19, 1995, after months of rumors, Michael ended his retirement and returned to the court. But it seemed that Nike wasn't expecting to see Jordan back in the game so soon. They started to re-released older model's of the AJ series (I, II, III) and the X's soles featured an honor or an award from each year during Michael spent in the NBA. Apart from these soles the design was no real surprise and it was overall very plain. Hatfield picked up a few design elements from previous models and we could found some obvious signs of influence from the III's, the V's and the VI's. the IX's had a lot of different samples, but the X's were even diverse. There were a lot of different team colors but were produced in limited quantities and there were samples with numbers for a lot of different players in the NBA. As Michael wore number 45 when he returned there were also samples with #45 stitched on the those Air Jordan Shoes. In 1994, the shoes’ packaging came in a black Jumpman Box and black plastic wrapper. And in 2005, the retros came in a silver 20th Anniversary box, retro card and plain paper wrapper. And they are on cheap sale on our Original Nike Running Shoes website.